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Strategic Workplace Solutions is here to align your business initiatives through HR platforms by offering the following services:

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

  • Create and execute employee engagement surveys

  • Tabulate results and prepare executive summary reports

  • Prepare recommended action plans to align results with business initiatives

  • Execute action plans and follow-up (“coffee talk”) sessions

  • Oversee implementation of resulting policies and programs

  • Develop necessary retention objectives

  • Additional oversight as needed

Performance Management

  • Goal setting based on business needs and initiatives

  • Manager/Supervisor training

  • Develop company unique 30/60/90-day strategy for new hires and promotions

  • Provide templates for Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) and coaching for direct performance conversations

  • Develop exit interview structure (documents, follow-up, and strategic use of collected data)

  • Full performance management system integration with existing HRIS

Performance Management


  • Design and implement realignment/restructure of existing resources through people, position, and new opportunity analysis

  • Conduct employee assessments for selection process

  • Prepare necessary documents (severance agreements, OWBPA documents, stayer bonus agreements)

  • Company written and verbal messaging

  • New position creation and design

  • Gap training for new leaders and new positions 



  • Create and review job descriptions

  • Interview training for HR and hiring managers

  • Benefit package analysis

  • Compensation overview, design, and recommendations

  • On-boarding strategies and checklists



  • Full-scale employee Investigations and recommendations

  • Handbook review and design

  • Assessment of policies and procedures

  • Training (harassment, sensitivity, diversity, etc.)

  • HR data analysis


Labor Relations

  • Grievance processing

  • Arbitrations

  • Negotiations

  • Contract review and developing language

  • Training for best union relations

Labor Relations

General Consulting

  • Leadership best practices through coaching and mentoring 

  • Crisis Management

  • Litigation Avoidance

  • Development of health/wellness and safety programs

  • Stop gap – fill gaps in experience, capacity, and skill set

General Consulting
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