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If you are looking to increase employee advocacy, decrease the threat of costly litigation, and mature the services for your people, please contact me to discuss your initiatives and challenges to determine opportunities to make a positive impact on your business.

Why Choose Strategic Workplace Solutions

Based on 30 years of exceptional experience, Strategic Workplace Solutions is your go-to consulting firm for tailor-made solutions developed through an objective and thorough review of how well your organization performs.  Strategic Workplace Solutions gives you exactly what you need by taking the time to understand your business, both internally and externally, and then provides you the strategy needed for growth through practical steps.  We offer you the business acumen and professional expertise to align your business objectives with HR platforms through a strategic leveraged approach in the workplace.

Strategic Workplace Solutions is here to align your business initiatives through HR platforms by offering the following services:

Strategic Workplace Solutions is dedicated to saving you time and money through the comprehensive services we offer. More importantly, you will work with a consultant who cares about the success of your company and will utilize years of experience to follow-through on every initiative until you are satisfied. We listen openly and encourage clients and their employees to talk candidly so we can offer a sophisticated analysis of the facts before making decisions or recommendations.
Strategic Workplace Solutions acts as a third-party advisor, by offering a wide range of services that include professional consulting, education, training, and solutions for corporate and small business clients.  SWS will offer an excellent understanding of HR legislation and procedures by staying current with changes in law, provide advanced communication and writing skills, strategic problem-solving and an ability to protect interests and secure business secrets.
Strategic Workplace Solutions works with leaders to explore and pinpoint weaknesses a firm might have in its human capital and will offer solutions that benefit the client.  SWS will partner with leadership and advise on how to create fresh working programs that guarantee success and offer solutions that can improve a company's human resource management.  We take the time to mentor and motivate employees always with the focus on the company’s business initiatives and objectives.
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